Lost in primroses

I was nearly overwhelmed when I came upon this display of primroses: flats and flats of bright flowers with the unmistakable sweet smell of spring. Now I think I know what a bee feels like when she happens on a trove of pollen. “Wow! Wait ’til I get back to the hive and share this!” I carry mine back in my camera.

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends. May this Year of the Snake be good to you.

7 thoughts on “Lost in primroses”

  1. These are lovely and your photo is superb – it captured the colors perfectly and the photo is sharp and well-composed. Great job.

    You winn! 🙂

  2. I love the flowers as well as the name…there is something lovely about the sound of “primrose.” I wonder if bees make honey from these blossoms?

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