Our Superbowl Sunday

My college buddy David coaches his son’s basketball team in Tacoma. This season he had to take a time out for health reasons, but the team still attended the 2013 Special Olympics Basketball Tournament in Bremerton last Sunday. Burtt, his son, is in action in the back here. He’s the one with the headband.

I’m not a great sports fan, but I love the Special Olympics. Even if they don’t take home medals everyone wins. Our team didn’t make it into playoff rounds, but it wasn’t for lack of effort by David’s replacement coach. She did a great job encouraging players and keeping them on track as the athletes stayed steady and tough in the face of stiff competition.

4 thoughts on “Our Superbowl Sunday”

  1. Nice post. The Special Olympics are a great way to boost the confidence of kids and adults facing mental and/or physical challenges. In my previous career, I did some work with the Michigan summer and winter games. The athletes were inspiring and I learned a lot.

  2. The Special Olympics are special. Professional sports should be so special. I’m no fan of them, either. I really admire people who become engaged in assisting those with special needs.

    P.S. Please some MaryJane our way. We could really use it!

  3. I used to be a supporter of Special Olympics and made donations annually. Then one year I got an invoice in the mail for a pledge that I had never made, and that made me mad. So, I stopped. It is probably time for me to start making contributions again. I shouldn’t deprive the kids because the people who run it are $^##$&

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