Family portrait

This doe and two fawns stopped and posed last summer.

There’s good cover and plenty of forage in the Dungeness Recreation Area, but the deer still generally prefer back and front yard plantings in the nearby neighborhood, even when the plants are natives that grow wild nearby. Still, they make better neighbors than some I’ve had.

6 thoughts on “Family portrait”

  1. With those alert expressions, they certainly were ready for their close-up. Hands down, I’d take a deer nibbling in a garden over some of the noisy neighbors I’ve endured over the years. By the way, tomorrow is the letter D for ABC Wednesday. You’ll never guess what I plan to post (as of this writing)…

  2. Dear me, this is such a nice shot. I like deer. I like to photograph deer. Why would anyone want to shoot a deer?

    Re your comment on Ocala: I really don’t know what the group was about – but a flash mob in Ocala is unlikely. With people coming and going and the group moving about the mall, it appeared they wanted to do something but could never quite make a decision. Very funny and actually, rather strange.

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