I haven’t seen much of these gorgeous American goldfinches (Carduelis tristis) lately. They’re migratory. Like so many summer treats, such as berries and homegrown vegetables, I miss them.

American goldfinches are the state bird of Washington, but they get around. Iowa and New Jersey also lay claim to it.

10 thoughts on “Missing”

  1. That bright yellow beauty certainly stands out against the blue sky; guess Andy and I react the same about the photo. Wonderful composition, Kay!

  2. This is a lovely shot, Kay. Certainly suitable for framing. The colors are outstanding.

    I didn’t know the American goldfinch was Washington’s state bird. Do you know the state bird of Minnesota? The mosquito!

  3. You’ve taught me something… I didn’t know they were migratory… I’ve always enjoyed their bright pop of yellow in the garden and woods… thanks for coming by faithfully to join WTS, I appreciated your friendship… hoping you’re finding that new path to normal a pleasant one… I just got blown off the tracks and I’m not sure where equilibrium is yet…

  4. What a pretty little creature. Looks like it was just waiting for its close-up with its bright yellow chest puffed out against the blue sky. I bet this encounter was quite a pick-me-up for you after experiencing so many dull, grey rainy days.

  5. What a beautiful shot! Colors are so vibrant against the blue sky. Spring is supposed to arrive early this year according to Punxsutawney Phil.

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