Winter breakthrough

After endless grey days (Yes, I know. I’m exaggerating.) it seems as if the color has drained away from everything. Then the sun breaks through and reminds me the color palette extends beyond grey. This is along one of the marsh areas at Dungeness Recreation Area.

Today is the last day of duck hunting in the Dungeness Recreation Area. And if I’ve got it right, it’s the last day of hunting there for good.

7 thoughts on “Winter breakthrough”

  1. The sun certainly does bring out the beauty of those muted shades! I’m looking at our moon, recalling your photo from yesterday. Although beautiful today, it’s still too cold to go outdoors to photograph it. About 30 minutes ago some clouds passed over its face, which was when I should have bundled up to go out to take a photo…the opportunity passed.

  2. Winter is so much easier to tolerate when the sun pops out and there are blue skies. I always enjoy seeing a trail like this. It makes me wonder where it leads and what adventure might be in store if I follow it.

  3. These little glimpses of color are what gets me through the endless winter!! Nice to know someone else appreciates them, too. 🙂

  4. I won’t mention that our warm weather has confused the flora and everything is greening up nicely…and that we went bike riding in tee shirts and shorts this afternoon. I do like the marsh and it has it’s own wintry beauty. Sunshine seems to breathe life into just about everything and everyone.

    Re your comment: Am I to understand that you feel overwhelmed by the complications of life? I know I do!

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