Royal mail

I was taken with this mail drop at the Empress Hotel when we were in Victoria last month. Beyond its polish, it was a surprise to see actual brass in use for an everyday utility like this.

Two of my very first jobs – in downtown San Francisco – were in an old office building that, in those days, still had old wood wainscotting and I think there was ample marble used in floor tiling and the restrooms. There was a mail drop on every floor, a slot into a tube that went all the way down to the lobby. And if I’m not mistaken the mail landed in a drop in the lobby with a proud looking brass front. I haven’t worked in a big city in decades. Do high rises have anything like this anymore, a mailbox with a fancy brass presence?

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. today on a day that celebrates his legacy. The longer I live the greater my respect for the bravery of those who’ve fought for human and civil rights through history.

5 thoughts on “Royal mail”

  1. I can see why it grabbed your attention. That’s a good looking mailbox. Whenever I go to the post office nowadays, I feel so ‘old school’ using ‘snail mail’. So much is done by email now, which is going by the wayside for texting and instant messaging. I with you about your sentiments regarding MLK Day. Looking back, his (and others’) courage was profound.

  2. Wonderful workmanship and detail, and of another era. Computers and emails are not nearly so attractive!! Glad I stumbled onto your blog. I have relatives who live in Montesano and have a beautiful lake house near that beautiful part of the world.

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