Working barn

Some time back I posted a shot of one of our local deteriorating barns. One commenter lamented that this seemed to be the way of barns nowadays. And since photographers love a sad and tilting barn (hey, I’m as guilty as the next shooter), we see lots of them. But that got me thinking. We have a lot of barns around here that are alive and working. They may not be as picturesque, nor as nostalgic, but they represent a culture that’s both our heritage and our future.

So I’m going to post pictures of some of our local working barns from time to time. I have a few already. I don’t think they’re necessarily dreamy subjects worth framing, but I’d like to think they deserve a nod, if only to help us remember that agriculture feeds and clothes us. And I for one hope that working barns and family farms don’t become a thing of the past.

5 thoughts on “Working barn”

  1. Bravo! And a tip of the hat to you for acknowledging the endangered family-owned farm. I like the contrast between the red and white and the bright green grass.

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