Bottle tree

This bottle tree may have been featured here some time ago, by the Sequim Daily Photo’s mother, Lavender Lady. I’m not sure. If you’ve seen it before and remember it you’re probably one of those people with an, uh, photographic memory. And you’re probably used to tolerating those of us who have trouble remembering even our own phone numbers.

7 thoughts on “Bottle tree”

  1. Don’t recall seeing this tree before so you’re safe. Where IS that lavender lady? I used to follow her but haven’t seen a post of her’s for a long time.

  2. You recently came across another one of your posts for a Pea Trellis you built.
    Wow! I love it and would like to try to build one similar to it to grown sugar snap peas.

    Can you tell me what size wood you used for the vertical supports for your Arbor. Were they 4″ x4″ or more like 2″ x 2″? I’m referring to the trellis that is in the foreground of your photo.

  3. The first time I saw a bottle tree was on another City Daily Photo blog. It seemed peculiar but very interesting and creative. Then, I saw one in Sarasota (which I have yet to document)…and now you have posted one. I wonder…are these a new craze or re-newed? I like the one you found — colorful glass.

  4. @Jeff: The pea trellis post was by Shannon, a previous blogger here. If she sees your comment here and has time to respond, I’ll be happy to pass your email address along to her.

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