Glancing back at 2012: Whimsy

One last look at 2012 before I launch into the new year: Sequim’s Yarn Bombing in June. These knitted bits on the streets of Sequim tickled my sense of whimsy. They disappeared in days, but were a bright spot while they were here. Really, guerrilla knitters? Love it!

6 thoughts on “Glancing back at 2012: Whimsy”

  1. Are you saying that people create this and things like this and leave them around the community for awhile and then take them away?

    I love it! Y’all are so creative and cool up in them thar parts. Seriously, the rest of the country could take lessons from you guys. Especially folks in Texas and the deep south!

  2. Creative and colorful (and I love the name ‘Yarn Bombing’). I seem to recall hearing about something similiar in another community…perhaps Austin, TX. I wonder if it will return to Sequin in 2013.

  3. Love yarnbombing and totally want to get some of my rebels knitters in on something like this in our area! These are wonderful examples. 🙂

  4. Hah! If you do the knitting, I will let you decorate my bicycle.

    Thanks for your comment, but, ahem, we won’t be decorating me quite like you suggest. I’m a bit traditional. OK, I am a lot traditional.

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