7 thoughts on “Glancing back at 2012: Lavender”

  1. This is precious! “Munchkin” is also the perfect word. Lavender is beautiful.

    Re your comment on Ocala: If that’s all a 60-year old can do, us 70+ year olds are in big trouble. But I’m thinking 60 is a really nice young age. And I sing a lot: “I wish I were 60 again. Back when my back was a friend…”

  2. Hi Kay…thought I’d better respond to your comment, but being 70+ it’s getting harder and harder to pound this keyboard. :-))

    Actually, many of the horses on the farms in our area have better accommodations than the people tending to them. This is race horse country. And those left out in very cold weather are given fitted blankets to wear. Usually. Some horses, sad to say, are mistreated big time.

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