Why I love it here

Though most of my photos qualify for a “why I love it here” title, this pair of soaring eagles recently reminded me of one of the things I love about where I live. Driving along, on my way into town, I looked up to see this pair gliding in lazy circles. They were up high enough that this shot with my 200 mm. lens isn’t applause worthy, but at least it managed to capture birds that I find very exciting.

And, as a bonus, I got this shot of the rare four-winged bald eagle (grin). You can see that the pair didn’t mind soaring close to each other.

12 thoughts on “Why I love it here”

  1. Can’t you hear the sound of my hands clapping? These are most certainly applaudable. In fact, I’m very impressed. When I see an eagle I start jumping for joy, drop the camera, and the bird is long gone. We had one fly right over our heads on the golf course the other day, but my camera was aways off in the golf cart. I should take lessons from you!

  2. Kay, these are fantastic shots in my mind. What a treat to share with the rest of us who do not have the opportunity to see these sights first-hand. Thanks a milliion to you for your ongoing captures of life on the OP! Some day maybe I can count myself in one of those very lucky people who live there.

  3. Reading some of these comments from people who have never seen a bald eagle in the wild makes me realized how lucky and spoiled we are!

  4. These are terrific. I applaud not only the captures, but the fact that you had your camera at the ready and were willing to pull over to get the shots. I have an eagle nest in the city limits here that I’ve been monitoring for the past year. But, I’ve never seen two soaring together. Very cool!

  5. it also answers a question he had during our road trip; whether real americans appreciate the beauty of their country like we do, since its more normal to you, living here, while we come from a country with not a lot of amazing nature….

  6. I love these pictures! When we were roadtripping along the vermillion cliffs near page, az, we heard there were often condors there that stay during the winter. But we never saw any 🙁 i did buy a nice raptor book)

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