Merry Kristi

This is Kristi, the manager of the Safeway floral department in Sequim. She wears a Christmas pinafore and a big smile as people look for Christmas flowers. I’m grateful today for all the kind and pleasant people who help us through the holidays, who support the less privileged among us, and lift our spirits with kind and caring words and deeds.

Be it flowers or Christmas trees, candles, candy, or a holiday toast, I wish you a warm, merry and meaningful Christmas. And joyous, happy celebrations to those who observe other seasonal holidays at this time of year!

8 thoughts on “Merry Kristi”

  1. Perfect picture for Christmas…she is so nice!! She makes going grocery shopping more enjoyable because she always has a smile and a nice greeting even when you can tell she is really busy and right in the middle of something.

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