Rumor has it. . .

. . .this guy’s coming to town. I hear tell he has a thing about naughty and nice, chimneys, cookies, and reindeer.

He had a tough time this past year, what with that whole “Free the Elves” movement a few of his workers started, but I understand that some skillful negotiations satisfied all parties and they have a new three year contract.

The Mrs. is staying home again. She suggested that she might come along as far as one of the warmer spots. Hawaii and Florida came up. But her book club is discussing a new Claus biography and she felt she really did need to represent the Claus perspective.

So he’ll be out there tonight with Team Fur. Cheer him on and wish him well. And have a merry time while you’re at it.

4 thoughts on “Rumor has it. . .”

  1. Methinks Santa is looking younger this year! Shave that beard and he could be in the Movies! Wait, he is in the movies. Just about every channel in the whole wide world has a
    Santa movie these days!

    Hope your holiday is filled with fun stuff and that you’ve bee nice enough to earn his blessings!

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