What I wanted. . .what I had

We often stop at Murchie’s on Government Street in Victoria. It’s an unassuming bakery – tea shop – cafe that suits us fine when we’re ready to take a break. The cakes above were some of the treats on offer. . .what I wanted.

Here’s what we had, French macaroons and coffee, just what you’d expect to have in a Canadian tea shop. It didn’t disappoint.

5 thoughts on “What I wanted. . .what I had”

  1. You certainly know how to tease my palate with these tempting offerings! I’ve already over-indulged and we’re not even to Christmas yet. This looks like a wonderful place with wonderful offerings. I think you’re having fun!

  2. hmmmmm…
    and how were the macarons? my french friend doesnt understand the american “obsession” for them as she says they are just overly sweet. i never had one, and making those yourselves is quite a lot of work so i havent attempted that…

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