Hidey hole

It dismayed me when I lived in California that it was common to see roadkill: Deer, skunks, raccoons, and birds creamed as they stepped or flew across roadways going about their critter business.

Though I’ve seen unfortunate animal corpses on the Olympic Peninsula, they’re fewer and more far between. And, reflecting on that, I thought about all the “hidey holes” I see scattered around the Dungeness Recreation Area: burrows in amongst tangles of weeds, stems and vines. Our dog routinely follows his nose to the entrances, sometimes leaving an “I was here” mark to, uh, converse with the coyotes who we often hear but rarely see. We’ve seen deer bounding in and out of the trails that animals make through the thickets and the hidey holes provide a ready entranceway for the pheasant that have been released in the Recreation Area for hunting.

This shot was taken late last summer. The now-bare vines still provide cover for our animal neighbors. I love that they have places here to live and, if necessary, hide.

4 thoughts on “Hidey hole”

  1. Our German Shepherd considered her bed her Hidey Hole, when we brought her home from the Rescue 12 years back. She was safe if she was on that bed! Safe from the lawnmower, anyone who visited, all the ogres out there! Wish I had one!!!

  2. We see very few critters around here but, whenever I’ve been able to get out to some wooded areas, I’ve always been intrigued by any animals I’ve happened upon. That photo is intriguing.

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