There is a cabin in the woods

This tiny old cabin is set way back from the road. It’s easy to blow by and not see it. But it offers a treasured if brief glimpse into the modest life of an earlier time.

Here’s a closer view of the cabin.

9 thoughts on “There is a cabin in the woods”

  1. You are certainly right about how time changes expectations, wants and needs. Even 50 years ago, things were so different. In our first house (which cost $11,250) we had no carpet or furniture in the living room for five years! And it was about 1000 square feet.

    Nowadays kids expect big house fully furnished when they’re just starting out! Well, not all kids do, obviously. 🙂

  2. I’d love to have a similar (but one in more modern condition!) in Minnesota’s North woods, which are often spectacular places of quiet and serenity.

  3. Lowell, our first house was 900 sq ft. but we loved it and lived in it over 25 years! I agree that the “kids” nowadays have to have it all RIGHT NOW. No such thing as starter homes for them! I guess I enjoyed the fact that the smaller the house was , the easier it was to keep clean and orderly!

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