Stay warm

I understand that we lose an extraordinary amount of body heat through our heads. I’m sure this garden bear was grateful to have a little protection from our chilly days lately.

8 thoughts on “Stay warm”

  1. What a great find. I’ve noticed that Andy has had some funny comments on a couple of blogs. He’d better stop though, ’cause I can’t bear anymore of them!

    Thanks for your very funny comment yesterday! I laughed out loud!

  2. Great shot. But actually the “lose heat from your head” is based on a flawed experiment. The short story is that scientists tested heat loss (back in the ’40s I think) from someone bundled up but with no hat. Yes, lots of heat loss. But later experiments with a covered head and body but, say, an exposed leg, arm, etc. showed a similar heat loss. We lose heat at a similar rate from any body part (head or otherwise) that is uncovered.

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