Barn 1

Here’s one of an assortment of barn pictures that I’ve taken over the last year or so. I haven’t taken any of them during those golden morning or evening hours when the lighting is magical. But I like the perspective of this one; it looks like it’s sinking into the weeds. Until the weather clears and I’m feeling a bit more fit, consider these placeholders.

4 thoughts on “Barn 1”

  1. Wishing you healing strength and power! Take care of yourself.

    Now is a good excuse to browse archived daily photos from you, Shannon, and the Lavender Lady. Those pictures fed and grew my Sequim Syndrome to the point of madness that I bought a home in Sequim as my cure. We will move there permanently sometime in 2013. Yeah!

  2. I always like to look at these barns and try to vision when they were new. Also what went into them!
    Don’t worry about photos Kay, take care of yourself as Larry says. We’ll all be here when you do post something new.

  3. Your “placeholders” are exquisite. This is a very cool photo! If this were a central Florida barn I’d say it was slowing disappearing into a sinkhole!

    You remain in our thoughts and we send our very best wishes!

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