Which way?

So today I take the last of a nine day course of steroids. Whew! I can assure you that after this course of medical miracles I don’t mind finding directional guidance. I’m not entirely sure even which way is up right now. But I’m certainly ready to find out again.

4 thoughts on “Which way?”

  1. That’s a lot of steroids. Hope they do all they’re supposed to do. It is hard to know which direction to take sometimes, and everyone you ask sends you off somewhere else! 🙂

    You remain in our thoughts!

  2. Kay:I will continue to check in on you every day (well, nearly every day) and will always hope that “this is a good day and Kay has posted!” When you haven’t posted, then i will think “this may have been such a good day Kay is out on area trips, or taking photos, or BOTH!” Or believe this is a day your health is better! and you are taking it easy.If it has not been such a good day, just know you have an untold number of “friends” who are thinking about you! Janice M.

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