Maybe you shouldn’t look down

I explored Sequim Bay State Park last weekend, a beautiful spot set – where else? – along the shore of Sequim Bay. There are some beautiful campsites, and a short launching ramp. A break between storms made our stop one of those respites of lung-filling fresh air and a celebration of being outdoors. And, gee, look at those beautiful trees! Look at that great tall one there!

Maybe I shouldn’t have followed its trunk downward. These are some of its roots, exposed at the base on a bluff. I’m hoping more of them are anchored in rock, or, maybe sunk deep – way, way deep – into the soil behind it. I really do prefer trees to stay where they are.

6 thoughts on “Maybe you shouldn’t look down”

  1. I like the way you describe being outdoors as “a celebration.” I’ll try to remember that when Minnesota is covered with snow and ice in below zero weather.

  2. It’s funny, but I was stretching my neck to look up at that tree, even though it’s laying flat in your photo on my desk! I know, I’m kinda strange.

    Sounds like a lovely place to take a hike. Those roots remind me of the ficus trees in south Florida which had huge roots spread all around the trunks.

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