Street corner politics

I had four corners of new friends waving at me as I drove into downtown Sequim on Saturday. There were people supporting Omama and Romney, some holding handwritten signs linking women’s rights and the Democratic party, and an assortment of other candidates.

We vote by mail in Washington state and my ballot went into the mail last Wednesday. For me it’s all over but the waiting.

5 thoughts on “Street corner politics”

  1. I will be so glad when it’s all over. I’m tired of the phone calls every day with recorded messages and I’m tired of all the nastiness from people. I don’t care what “side” someone is on, be civil and treat people with respect. I don’t like the attack ads either, they are so mean-spirited.

  2. You are so funny – four corners of new friends! Right! In Ocala, we have various viewpoints projected on our street corners but it’s most the teapot crackpots who think Obama’s a Muslim.

    Re your question on Ocala DP: Yes. 🙂

  3. i find this so funny! never got to taking a picture of it though…
    its weird to live here since 2.5 years now and not being able to vote!
    im so curious about the outcome…..

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