Hopeful signs

This project recently began, giving rise to hope that the building industry may show some signs of life. We’ve seen surveyors here and there as well: they’re often the first to work when something’s going to be done. Sadly, there are a lot of dreams that have been on hold – and crushed – over the last several years.

6 thoughts on “Hopeful signs”

  1. Another sign of recovery or incredible optimism. The newly constructed Black Bear Diner seems to be flourishing! However, squeezing the money out of banks seems to be one of the more difficult tasks.

  2. Being “on hold” is not a pleasant place to be! I have confidence that the economy will pick up, hopefully sooner than later. PS. Got home from Cuba yesterday…an amazing trip! Come visit; I’ve missed seeing the blogs every day!!

  3. We have a number of subdivisions that were begun with great hopes a few years ago and now sit rather desolate with only a few homes. Our little community of Stone Creek is one of the few communities that is doing much building – but ours is a 55 plus community and caters to retirees and also gives three years of free golf with each home purchase.

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