Carrie Blake Park IV

There’s a lovely terraced community garden at Carrie Blake Park. During the Lavender Farm Faire lush lavender bushes took center stage. More recently an eye-catching display of dahlias has brightened the landscape.

Here’s a broader look at the garden as it moves toward winter hibernation.

These shots end my tour of Sequim’s Carrie Blake Park. It’s a great resource for young and old. It’s fitting that Peninsula Daily News polling awarded it “Best of the Peninsula – Local Park.”

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9 thoughts on “Carrie Blake Park IV”

  1. Is it just me or are these dahlias especially beautiful. What wonderful colors and what a wonderful park. Such a place is truly a community treasure.

  2. The colors are just out of this world! I’ve stayed away from dahlias because I want flowers that are easy-care—no digging up in the fall and storing. However, this fall I’ve seen so many fabulous photos of dahlias that I think I might have to try some next year. I know that the elk near Sequim are Roosevelt elk….larger than the Rocky Mountain species here. I would love to see them someday. This particular herd is just about 2 miles north of town. Each of three mornings, I’ve tried to be out there just as the sun comes up. It worked only the first morning, and that was because my brother-in-law called me when he was scouting the herd for his son-in-law, who has a muzzle loader tag. 😉

  3. Dahlias are so beautiful, fluffy, architectural and the colours! They make such a nice subject to photograph.
    Thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

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