6 thoughts on “Next year’s crop”

  1. Who would think? Garlic?
    From all over the world?
    I think I’ve seen garlic before,
    Perhaps in the grocery store?
    But I’ve always thought it was a bore.
    Perhaps I need to think some more?


  2. oh, thats so interesting!
    i have no clue what garlic we are buying here, but i do know its so very cheap and so strong and tasty. we use it a lot. its much better than the one i used to get in the netherlands….

  3. I have returned to this nice write-up you did, and you described it so perfectly. I continue to be amazed at the variations in color and size and flavor – the striped patterns – the way the color changes as you peel away the layers of the wrappers – how they can taste so very differently depending on how they are grown, the weather, how they are cured, and how they are cooked – and truly, how all the cultures of the world share a love for this simple, rustic bulb that can turn a common meal into an extravaganza! So much depth and complexity from such a humble (and often maligned) plant! Hope your garlic does well for you, Kay!

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