Come on! Keep up!

I pulled out a dried up bed of wildflowers recently and a group of quail had a banquet on the seeds left behind. This isn’t the best of shots but the baby quail hustling along to keep up with Mom were very cute. And just like that they were gone.

8 thoughts on “Come on! Keep up!”

  1. Adorable and unusual. I’ve seen lots of duck families around here, but only individual quail. Well, actually I saw two young quail on the golf course the other day. Looks like momma gave these their marching orders!

  2. The group may have lost some babies. I think at one point there were about a dozen chicks. There were at least one other female and two males that didn’t get into this shot. As they ate wildflower seeds a male perched atop a tall planter and kept watch.

  3. Long ago I came home one day to find 2 quail running up and down my driveway. I was shocked. Had never ever seen them before and have never seen them since. Thanks for the memories here!

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