Look! Up in the sky!

It’s a balloon! Sequim’s first Balloon Festival is this weekend and participating balloonists have begun to arrive. Five checked out the conditions early yesterday morning.

The light wasn’t perfect but the winds were calm and the balloons drifted gracefully across the landscape.

It was a great treat. And it was almost as much fun to see how many other people were taking it in too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people out in Sequim that early, pulled over by the sides of the roads, looking up. . .and everyone had cameras.

8 thoughts on “Look! Up in the sky!”

  1. Very cool photos, Kay! I think hot-air balloons are great fun to photograph. Well, not so much the political ones making all the noise lately, but these are wonderful. Have you ever been up in one? I have not and never will assuming that I remain in my right mind until I croak. I want to stay firmly planed on terra firma! 🙂

  2. Kay I think I saw you yesterday, you ended up with the same shots I did! I said to my husband, I think that’s Kay! The Daily Photo Gal! We went EARLY but drove and drove around and at last the balloons were in the right position! My favorite was the one at the top with the crescent moon and stars.

  3. @Patricia, I wish you’d waved and said “hello!” We drove around, too, and ended up following a chase car to watch the balloon in the bottom shot land. (Photos of that tomorrow.) I never saw the moon and stars balloon in good light or as close as I’d have liked. It’s very pretty! The one with the blue band, white top and bottom, landed not too far from our house – we could see it from our livingroom. Some of them offer a brief “up and down” experience to people whose property they land on and they did this. That’s about as far up as I think I’d like.

    Isn’t this fun?

  4. Yes this is lots of fun and hopefully will really rive up Sequim!!! I certainly would have waved and said hi to you…unfortunately it was so quick and we were driving and trying to watch out for “the other guy”! Some folks were not watching where they were going while watching the balloons. Next time I will give a shout to you!!! That Star & Moon one was the last balloon to go up on Thurs., but by far the nicest!

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