Is there a chiropractor in the house?

Bull riding! My back hurts just watching these guys. This is another one of those rodeo events where a cowboy climbs on an unwilling ride. . .in this case a 3,000 pound steer that isn’t happy about the turn of events.

And here’s another example of testosterone meets resistance. There’s money to win at rodeos, but from my perspective a few of life’s bumps and injuries have taught me not to go looking for more.

I usually don’t fuss much with my photos but couldn’t do much about the background here. What do you think of this effect?

5 thoughts on “Is there a chiropractor in the house?”

  1. Many years ago we lived in Mesquite, Texas. Mesquite is famous for its rodeo – and the rodeo was often televised. We paid many visits to the rodeo. It was always fun, especially listening to some cowboy preacher singing “I Come To The Garden Alone” right before the action started!

    The life of rodeo cowboy or cowgirl is hard! I can’t imagine. And dangerous. Thank goodness they sent in the clowns.

  2. would like to see this too!
    but not doing it myself…

    ah, and regarding management of my apartment complex; it just recently changed! radically… i still need to make a post about that…

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