The Bear is here

Big news around here lately is that the Black Bear Diner has opened. I’ve visited Black Bears in California and Arizona and local reports confirm my experience: big servings of comfort fare. Most folks leave with enough leftovers for another meal or at least a hearty snack later. The Sequim Black Bear is just about the first thing you’ll see as you come into Sequim from the east on Washington Street. It’s next door to the new Holiday Inn Express.

I planned to post this shot closer to its opening a few weeks ago, but my computer began staging death scenes with drama befitting an opera. It had no intention of going quietly into that good night and held most of my photos hostage until I could negotiate a transfer into a healthier, happier Windows system. Adios, Vista!

2 thoughts on “The Bear is here”

  1. A very nice looking restaurant! I guess the key word would be ‘hearty’ food compared to healthy food. But maybe it’s just that they give customers such huge servings.

  2. We are so excited to be opening our BBD in Sequim, WA. We offer a huge menu that covers a variety of items, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is comfort food, and huge portions, but we do offer a Little Less section with smaller portions, as well as a Fit n’ Focus section for healthy choices as well. Our hope it to provide options for everyone, with the focus on quality and value for the money. Thank you Sequim for welcoming us with open arms!!!

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