Fresh Mix Grill

I saw the name of this place in the newspaper recently, then spied it a few days later. With its bright colors, it shouldn’t be hard to miss. It’s across the parking lot from the Coop on Washington Street and from the looks of it seems to be doing well. The building itself appears to be a converted gas station convenience store; it is steps from gas pumps.

I didn’t have a chance to stop in and sample the fare. Our latest set of summer visitors was due to arrive soon.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Mix Grill”

  1. These are the folks with the Grandfather that went missing with his plane recently. We keep meaning to go in and try their food….it certainly is in a good spot near the Co-op!!

  2. I am certain I left a comment here! Hmmm. Blogger must have eaten it. And what I said was that it looks good and I’d certainly give it a try if I was in town!

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