The front of this barn faces onto a road I travel regularly. It’s a pretty spread with a home I admire. I recently approached it from another direction and discovered these three vintage cars, presumably waiting for attention. All are Fords. My husband estimates they are probably a 1950, 1954, and 1955. Then he launched into a nostalgic story about sleeping in the back of one of these many, many years ago.

In our early days together hubby regularly waved at passing old cars saying, “I had one of those!” He bought many for $25, tinkered with them, and then drove them until they ran out of drive.

8 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Look at those cars! I think they should be in a museum, but probably they still exist by the thousands in the US.

  2. Old barns are wonderful…..I felt sad yesterday when I saw the big barn (going towards Sunny Farms on the freeway driving West) up on the right…the center is beginning to collapse!

  3. I commented on this post, too, Kay.

    My 2nd car was a 1950 Plymouth coupe, green with wood grain interior. Then we had a 1954 Ford convertible. A disaster. Rusted out! I wonder if these cars are part of a restoration plan.

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