It's time for raspberries

The signs are up for u-pick raspberries at Graysmarsh Farms and the bushes are full and gorgeous.

It was a perfect day for picking and raspberry lovers were out in force. We got carried away. Our group of three children and three adults came home with 11 pounds of raspberries. Raspberries, anyone?

5 thoughts on “It's time for raspberries”

  1. Love your first photo. I love berries but I can’t think of how to get them from there to here or what I would do with all of them.

  2. Raspberries!! A whole field of them would make me delirious; I think I’d “kill for raspberries” or at least put up a good fight! I made a 3-berry pie last night (I love to cook but cannot seem to produce a good bakery item), and despite the fact that it was pretty much of a visual flop, it tastes pretty good.

    Think of me as you’re enjoying them!!

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