Here are the owls

The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center’s presentation at our recent Lavender Festival included three owls. Above is a barred owl, the largest of the three shown.

Next came a screech-owl.

And, finally, a saw-whet owl was introduced. If you have looked carefully at these shots you may have noticed that where you can see two eyes they do not match. That is because all three are blind in one eye, the result of being hit by cars. Night-hunting owls are vulnerable to such accidents as their focus is on prey, not oncoming traffic.

I was pleased to read recently in the local newspaper that permanent resident owls at the Northwest Raptor Center do duty as surrogate parents to baby owls that end up at the center for one reason or another. Though they may not live naturally in the wild, they nonetheless are able to do service for their own.

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  1. We were recently gone for two weeks during which time there was a thunder and lightening storm in Sequim which lasted 16 -18 hours. Since our return we have not heard or seen any birds! Can someone tell us what has happened to them? They seem to have completely disappeared. We live off of Palo Alto Road, East of town, at an elevation of about 650 ft. No Robins, no Ravens, no Bald Eagles – not even a vulture in sight! Nothing. What has happened to them?

  2. I’ve driven by the Raptor Center many times but never stopped. I was very impressed with their presentation – and their birds, obviously, are s-o-o-o-o-o beautiful!

  3. Anne, that is really strange. We’re in the Dungeness area (the “lowlands”) and have been seeing plenty of birds lately. I saw a vulture yesterday and they otherwise seem to be relatively uncommon here (I’m guessing they don’t compete with the bald eagles). We’ve got crows, lots of finches, harriers, and regularly see eagles. That lightning we had was pretty dramatic. I wonder if it scattered the birds. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has knowledge or opinions.

  4. Kay, these Raptor Center photos of yours are incredible. I would have loved to have seen that presentation but didn’t get to so I’m so excited to see your pictures!

  5. Lovely birds – owls are amazing. I can hear them in our woods, Great Horned Owls and Barred Owls, but have yet to see them or any real concrete evidence of their presence.

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