First there were the clouds

A brief, beautiful sunset Thursday evening. Gorgeous colors. Beautiful clouds. Really beautiful!

After a short downpour, by 11 p.m. the thunder and lightning started. We don’t get much of that around here and it’s usually brief. But we got plenty. What’s notable is that it kept going. I woke up to spectacular lightning and plenty of thunder early yesterday morning and it rumbled and flashed all day, mixed with the occasional cloudburst. And we were still seeing lightning 24 hours later.

And the weather forecast? Coastal fog and sunshine.

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13 thoughts on “First there were the clouds”

  1. We had enough of everything that I could try out all sorts of reactions from enjoyment and wonder to bewilderment. Window-rattling thunder in the afternoon was unsettling. And today, Saturday, we’ve had still more intermittent thunder.

  2. Very well done. Not too often one sees clouds with these colors. Your weather sounds a lot like ours, except we don’t have fog this time of year; but we do have a lot of fog during the winter, when it gets cold – down in the 50s.

  3. Gorgeous shot, Kay… I drove to Alki Beach that night trying to capture some lightning strikes that were over the Peninsula, but didn’t manage to get any… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #39!

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