Sunset has been lost in overcast and fog lately. So it was nice to see the unhidden sun celebrating another day recently. The newspaper reported yesterday that our sunsets have been unusually colorful because of smoke from wildfires in. . .Siberia. Prevailing winds are coming from the west and the smoke is high in the atmosphere, giving our skies extra color in the mornings and evenings.

7 thoughts on “Sunset”

  1. The weathermen quoted in our papers said that the smoke is high enough in the atmosphere as to not pose health risks.

  2. This is superb. A postcard. Suitable for framing and hanging. Not an easy shot to get. I’ve worked hard to get some decent moon shots, but always use a tripod and settings of f/8 and shutter speed of about 250, and a remote control. Otherwise they always come out blurry. This is wondrous!

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