Wind turbine

The North Olympic Peninsula has its first wind energy turbine. It went up in late May at the Sequim Valley Ranch.

The turbine is expected to power the ranch maintenance facilities and is capable of generating up to 13,500 kilowatt hours of power each year. This is the amount used by an average of one and a half homes. The ranch will get a rebate from the local utility district for every kilowatt generated.

The turbine is 100 feet tall and has a rotor blade about 20 feet long. It can handle winds up to 72 mph. but will shut down at 60 mph. if winds become unusually strong.

6 thoughts on “Wind turbine”

  1. While it is true that these wind turbines are not the sole answer to our energy problems, they can certainly plan an important part. Glad to see this, and wish more communities would invest in them.

    Re your comment on Ocala: Our “Flea Markets” are huge, taking up several acres. They feature just about anything your little heart desires: fruits and veggies, movies, books, tools, clothing of all types, furniture, eye glasses, bb guns, paintings, jewelry, room additions, wood flooring, rugs, motor scooters, food, haircuts, hats, wood carvings, bikes, tools, home supplies, automotive parts and supplies, sauces, jams and jellies, antique stuff, knives, holsters, rifles…and etc. Some of these goods are new, others are used or 2nd-hand.

    Fun places to visit. We go on occasion and may buy some fruit, but mostly just to walk around and look at ALL the stuff and funky people! 🙂

  2. Now that you mention it, Patricia, I haven’t seen it running either. I don’t drive by often, but I should take a look from time to time.

  3. We regularly take this drive looking for the Elk and just “checking” the neighborhoods..sort of our fun, free recreation…and we are anxious to find it spinning someday..the ones down in California are indeed spectacular!

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