7 thoughts on “Winter thoughts”

  1. Please make it sooner, the heat index showed 110 a lil bit ago, here… miserable! That cold snow looks WONDERFUL!!! =)

  2. Well, you certainly got my attention! That wasn’t the kind of photo I was expecting at all. Great post for a hot summer’s day! While I’ve had my fill of snow, I wouldn’t mind visiting a site like this (carrying my camera, of course!) …

  3. hahahaha. scary… 🙂
    but i love the weather. yes its hot. but i like it. sometimes we have some rain. its just great… 🙂
    but i like such winters too.. its so different from the boring dutch grey weather. never really cold, never really hot, often rain. those are the things that make me scared to go back home sometime in the not toooo far future…

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