Quail dignity

Quail regularly wander through our yard. They don’t often take to perches but this fellow launched himself onto a post a good eight to ten feet off the ground and struck a proud pose where the smaller birds usually land.

He looked decidedly unhappy when the wind picked up.

9 thoughts on “Quail dignity”

  1. How sweet! 5 or 6 years back we would get whole covies (?) of quail…25 or 30 at a time scurrying around and up our driveway! The babies looked like little leaves fluttering. Sadly, they are gone….I guess local cats or wildlife sacred them away. I love to see them, they look so regal. Great photos Kay! I like that rustic birdhouse underneath.

  2. Wow, Paul, that’s a surprise. Quail are somewhat common here – though as Patricia notes, the coveys can really get hammered by cats or other predators.

  3. That is soooo funny. I’ve never seen quail do this kind of thing…they usually are scurrying along the ground hiding in bushes. We did see two baby quail the other day on the golf course, but that, too, was unusual and the ran off fast!

  4. We too have a quail family. Neighbors say they started with a brood of 12 – now down to just two little ones, mom, and pop watching over them all.

  5. You are so right. I’ve never seen them perched on anything, always just on the ground. Love these shots, especially the windy one!

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