The Cutting Garden

There are a number of u-pick flower operations in Sequim and welcome signs come out as summer progresses. Here’s the Cutting Garden which offers both flowers and a venue for special events. On one side of the property is a beautiful house and gardens.

On the other side of the property, beyond this trellis, are rows of “u-pick” flowers.

Peonies, delphiniums, and columbines are blooming right now but more blooms are on the way. The cost for a large bouquet is around $8 or $8.50, though some “premium” flowers are purchased by the stalk. Next month local lavender farms throw open their fields for u-pick bouquets.

7 thoughts on “The Cutting Garden”

  1. We are moving to Sequim from Ohio later this year, and your pictures have contributed much to our decision. I’m from the Vancouver, Wa. area so it is like coming home.

  2. It’s a beautiful site and while I probably wouldn’t go pick flowers (unless they were for my sweetie!), I’d certain stop to take photos. I’ll bet the do weddings there, too.

  3. oooohh! thats sooo cool! pick your own flowers… never saw that..
    i also still never have picked my own apples… its time, but just not the season.. 🙁

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