Let me take you down. . .

. . .’cause I’m going to. . .strawberry fields. . .

Cameron’s Strawberries has opened for the season and the faithful are making the most of it.

Even now, early in the season and after a rainy day, the scent of strawberries was irresistible. Half of these people were probably just innocently driving by when their noses took over. Strawberries take no prisoners.

8 thoughts on “Let me take you down. . .”

  1. It’s been years since we’ve picked strawberries in a field, but what fun. On our honeymoon in northern Minnesota (55 years ago) we picked blueberries – buckets full! Yum. And when we lived in Scottsdale, we picked grapes (5 cents a bag if you picked ’em yourself, and 10 cents a bag if they were already picked)…

    Hope you got enough for shortcake and pie and were singing “Strawberry Fields Forever” the whole time!

  2. The good news is that they also sell pre-picked berries. The price is a bit higher, but my knees and back have told me it’s worth every penny.

  3. hmm strawberries… with many of the latest batches i cooked them in some red wine with cloves and cinnamon and pepper corns… hmmm… perfect in plain yoghurt.
    and the leftover wine-strawberrie-flavored juice become icecubes that are then thrown in freshly squeezed orange juice. hmmmmmmm….!
    i want some now!

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