My kind of grafitti, 2 of 2

Yarn bombing is a seemingly spontaneous art movement that’s popped up around the world. But to look at some of the work that’s now on display in Sequim, it seems like lots of people kept themselves busy all winter.

I can imagine conversations: “Now that looks interesting. What are you working on?” “Oh, just a little something for a chilly looking bike rack.”

The daffodil at top was in one of the “flower beds” on the plaza where this was taken.

I had a hard time deciding which photos to post. There were wrapped and garlanded trees, other decorated benches, and a snake draped over a street sign. It’s a unique and cheerful sight. Thank you, Fiber Arts Bombadiers!

5 thoughts on “My kind of grafitti, 2 of 2”

  1. Now, I believe that the flowers are the best! Interesting, I haven’t seen them around these parts so I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

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