Feral daisies

It’s daisy time on the Olympic Peninsula. They look so sweet and innocent. But they’re everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. They grow like, well, weeds. I was delighted when they bloomed the first year we lived here and picked a beautiful bouquet for our table. The next day I realized I’d invited hay fever into the house, confirmed by my sneezing, runny nose, and the haze of yellow pollen under the vase.

I don’t exaggerate when I say we have fields of daisies. Along with bright yellow scotch broom they do a fine job of creating hay fever misery.

6 thoughts on “Feral daisies”

  1. They are so pretty, but don’t smell so great either! A neighbor picked a bouquet for a recent dinner party and they had a definite stink….looked great though. I love to see the fields of them.

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