I wish they were gone

We have dandelions. Lots of dandelions. And it’s the time of year when you run over them, repeatedly, with a John Deer and they pop up behind you. If the mower weren’t making so much noise you’d hear them laughing “Nice try, sucker!”

6 thoughts on “I wish they were gone”

  1. i like them… but not their smell.. 🙂
    just yesterday i was searching for the name of these flowers… 🙂 in dutch we call them “paardenbloem”, literally that is “horseflower”

  2. Eat ’em. Dip the flowers in a good beer batter and fry in olive oil. That will teach them to mess with you.

  3. This is a particularly dense patch where my husband spread some gravel last year and they took over without any competition. . .I’ll take comfort in knowing they’re helping the soil, which we otherwise call “claycrete.”

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