Reflections on a dress

I found this wedding dress for sale at a local thrift shop.

Am I reading too much into it to find it sad? I know I’m sentimental. I still have the outfit I wore the day I met my husband.

And my wedding dress? Well, it didn’t reach the bridely heights of this one. It was a simple gauzy cotton off-the-rack summer dress, something that could easily be worn again without screaming “here comes the bride!”

It eventually was stored in a unit my husband built in the garage for out of season clothes. I was horrified to discover that some toothy critter sampled and liked it, consuming enough to ruin it. Yet even then I couldn’t part with it.

This dress could be perfect for a practical, budget-minded bride-to-be. But someone like me would always wonder about its history. And think it kind of sad.

7 thoughts on “Reflections on a dress”

  1. I got married in jeans and a t-shirt my second time around — I don’t hold too much thought for fancy wedding dresses. I have 3 sisters that had the big wedding and two of them divorced. I find it rather a waste of money myself. I do like your thoughts on the subject though, Kay.

  2. Beautiful embroidery on the dress, and I really like the neckline. I definitely am a Romantic and think that traditional weddings are terrific. My DH and I eloped but I still have the dress I wore and doubt that I’ll give it away.

    I, too, wonder about this gown; perhaps a victim of divorce or perhaps it’s what remains of a woman’s life with descendants that are not traditionalist and didn’t keep the dress for future generations.

  3. Think of the person who finds it in the thrift shop though and how happy she’ll be to have something that nice when maybe she couldn’t ordinarily afford it.

  4. Yes indeed. As I said, this dress could be perfect for a practical, budget-minded bride-to-be. I’m sure it costs a fraction of what it originally did!

  5. This dress looks a little like my own wedding gown that I have kept for 33 years (and counting). Not all marriages end in divorce. Although my parents divorced when I was 21, they both will be celebrating 40 years of marriage to their second spouses this year.

  6. i LOVE looking at the dresses (any dresses) in the thrift store… i think i couldnt bring mine there (not that i am married), but yes, i would keep it if happily married. and i guess i would burn it or whatever when divorced…
    i bought some kind of really fancy dress (perhaps a bridesmaid dress? i dont know) at the thrift store once, it was just 3 dollars. i couldnt leave it as it really fitted me. now i have it here in my closet and just look at it every now and then. haha…

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