Roosevelt elk

Many people around here may be blase about our resident Roosevelt elk. But until last Saturday I had seen nary a one. As I drove on Highway 101 I saw an elk crossing sign flashing. For once there was a small herd grazing in view from the road.

You can see that some of them are wearing yellow and blue collars which trigger the crossing signs. It looks like this is a herd of females (cows) and youngsters. I didn’t see evidence of the magnificent antlers that the bulls sport.

And this, apparently, is what they think of my picture-taking efforts.

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7 thoughts on “Roosevelt elk”

  1. We have a small herd locally, but I’ve never laid eyes on ours either. You must have been thrilled. And the collar thing is news to me – didn’t know they did that. Great capture!

  2. I haven’t seen these kind of elks before and they look very interesting. You know, I like your last photo best as I think it would make a great header 🙂

  3. What a fantastic sight! I envy you, I have to go to Africa if I want to see something similar! 🙂

  4. it looks so green. here its nicely green now too.
    so… if they are close to the road the collar signals to a sign on the road? thats great!

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