Breakfast out

Sometimes breakfast out can feel like a real celebration. When it’s with good friends it’s even better. This one at the Oak Table Cafe was both. This is Dianne’s eggs benedict, served with potato pancakes.

I wasn’t very hungry and thought a couple of pancakes would do just fine. It didn’t occur to me that I’d get enough to feed me and my new friends at the next table. I don’t get pancakes often. Now I remember why.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast out”

  1. I think that a half stack of pancakes would be more than ample. Very generous servings, I’d say. Haven’t had potato pancakes in ages, but would like some right now.

  2. As you, I’m never very hungry in the morning. When I’m travelling I always miss those fantastic hotel breakfasts, but a couple of hours later I truly regret it! 🙂

  3. hmm, now im hungry!!!
    we had breakfast out last week too. we hadnt been for a while and it was sooo good!

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