Metal Man

This piece of metal artwork by Sequim artist Per Berg was unveiled not long ago at a local business, High Energy Metal, in Carlsborg. It’s really gorgeous.

Metal Man was commissioned by the co-owner of High Energy Metal, Dave Brasher, a longtime friend of the artist’s family. It is over 8 feet tall and 300 lbs. Berg took about six months to complete the piece. An art graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Berg created the skeleton with steel rods and then used a plasma cutter to cut the steel pieces of the shape. A hammer refined the figure’s contours. The local Peninsula Daily News quoted Berg, 25, “Metal art is cool but a lot of artists are intimidated by it. I got a sunburn from it once and I caught myself on fire.”

12 thoughts on “Metal Man”

  1. I worry about any metal statues nowadays…especially now that those plaques were stolen in Port Townsend. And the poor Gabby’s Coffee losing a statue and having to take down their beautiful Stingray.(a couple years back) Be hope that this statue survives!!!

  2. @ Patricia, they are not leaving this sculpture out when they’re closed. They haven’t set up a permanent mounting for it, which I assume would really secure it. With all the labor the artist estimates it’s worth at least $12,000 so I’d bet they’re going to make sure it’s well protected! It’s not too far from Gabby’s Coffee — I’d be surprised if they’re not mindful of those losses.

    It really is a beautiful and powerful work of art.

  3. Kay, that is an awesome shot. It must be stunning to see in person. I didn’t even know it was there, I’ll have to drive by and take a look.

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