Happy Earth Day

A gentle reminder on this Earth Day that we’re not the only ones on this beautiful planet. Watch out for and be kind to all the other critters who call this place home.

7 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day”

  1. Question for you Kay..in 7 years of living here I have not been able to find out how far the transmitters work on the Elk Collars. We always see the lights blinking and always wonder “where are the elk exactly”?

  2. Patricia, I don’t know. . .I’ve seen the lights blinking, too, and looked all around. I’ve not seen any elk. I hope they aren’t just set off by someone’s pacemaker. . .

  3. The Happy Valley & Whitefeather elk lights are currently flashing because the elk are in the lower Happy Valley area. The elk are sometimes hidden by hilly areas or trees or are just laying down. They are beautiful to watch.

  4. These uniform signs for many different species of animals are attractive, but above all, they’re so helpful to motorists.

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