Red Flowering Currant

A couple of weeks ago I posted what I thought was a red-flowering currant (ribes sanguineum). The day I posted I saw more of them in bloom and, woops, they didn’t look like what I’d posted. Similar color, wrong blossom. Here is the real deal, confirmed by an illustration in my handy Washington State University Extension guide. And here, from March 25, is what is most likely a salmonberry.

8 thoughts on “Red Flowering Currant”

  1. Yes, CaT. Currants grow on these bushes, but they’re wild currants so they’re not really what you can buy commercially. These feed birds and other wildlife.

  2. I’ve seen these all my life, love them. They have a rather stringent (is that the word) odor… but not unpleasant!

  3. Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again. I like your story about the grandmother riding the pink bike. Maybe riding the pink bike to water her red currants and admire its lovely pink flowers :-).

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