Treebeard's cousins

These faces make me smile every time I see them. They remind me of my father-in-law, a carver who often coaxed beauty from simple pieces of wood. Last week I decided to slow down and get closer to these pieces of road art. There were faces on both sides of the two stumps. They’ve been there a while and seem to have only improved with age. Aren’t they wonderful faces?

9 thoughts on “Treebeard's cousins”

  1. Kay, do you see all the little , or large mushrooms also? I find them everywhere…I always wonder..did the carver come up to folks homes and ask if they would like him to carve the mushrooms? Watch for these.

  2. Kay, the mushrooms are basically carved out of old tree stumps, just like these fellows. We have a lot out here in Diamond Point, but I’ve seen them along Old Olympic Hwy and even 101 and the back streets. It almost looks like the same fellow carved them..but they look OLD.

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