Let us eat cake

Here are some of the creations showcased by That Takes the Cake, one of Sequim’s newest bakeries. Their Facebook page shows other creations. They also make specialty or theme cakes, so you don’t have to get married to justify ordering a memorable cake if your budget allows more of a wow factor than the standard sheetcake we all know so well.

There’s another new bakery in town that I’ll check out oneday soon. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Let us eat cake”

  1. The cakes are so beautiful in their simplicity, I can only imagine the delicious flavor beneath the decorations. It is wonderful they have so many cupcakes to satisfy our sweet tooth but by sampleing them one can easily find that special flavor for your cake. Ok!! Any excuse will do to visit a good bakery . LOL

  2. Kay, you really managed to bring us into the shop with these pictures! I guess I’ve been oblivious, I didn’t even know the place existed. I hope they do well, those cakes are beautiful and it seems like there would be a market here for wedding cakes and party cupcakes like that.

  3. wow, how enormous, and very pretty…
    regarding recipes; i have no cookbooks (but a few back home)…. therefore the internet is my crazy recipejungle.. 🙂

  4. People need beauty in their lives, and it is interesting how this manifests itself. These cakes are truly works of art.

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